Ten-Pin bowling can be very strenuous for some people, while others find it better than other bowling games.

Rules of Play

Each team has a captain who has certain responsibilities throughout the regular season and the playoff games. The game of ten-pin bowling consists of 10 frames of play. In each frame, a player with their ball has two chances to knock down all or as many pins as possible. The order of play is predetermined.

All ten pins knocked down with the first ball is known as a strike, all pins knocked down with both balls is known as spare and additional points are awarded for both. If a player knocks down all ten pins in the final frame, that player is awarded three more balls for that frame, enabling them to accumulate more strikes in that game. A perfect game is a score of three hundred.


Handicaps are calculated by subtracting a player’s average from 200 and then using eight percent of that total. The team handicap is comprised of each team player’s total for the week. Handicaps change from week to week with the adjustment of the individual weekly scores.

The Scoring Process of 10-pin Bowling

When a strike is thrown on the first ball, the player is awarded by being allowed to throw two more balls to add to the score of 10 for throwing the strike. The highest score of points in a single frame is 30 points. The pins also have a designated number to a score.

Player Rules

Teams are made up of four players each. Unless specified, there are no gender restrictions. Each team is allowed a maximum of 8 players on the roster. Teams can select different players in each game.


At the end of the season, there are playoff games which every team is entitled to play in. The order of the season standings is how the playoffs are based. If the league has more than 12 teams, then the teams are split into two playoff sets. Teams play other teams with a higher score and can advance by increasing their game score.

During the regular season is it okay for team captains to seek players from other teams to fill in or sub, but this is not allowed during the playoffs. If a player is caught playing on a team other than their regular season team, the games they played in will be forfeited.


During the regular season, if your team forfeits a match, there are warnings issued. The first offense will result in a game recorded as a loss and a warning. The second offense will result in the game recorded as a loss, and the staff has the right to remove the team from the league without giving a refund. The third offense is automatic removal from the league.