How To Bowl A Strike

There are many fun activities available throughout the year. One very popular game is bowling. Bowling can be a very competitive game.

Where can you bowl?

Almost every city and small town has one or more bowling facilities. There are various leagues that you can join at any time of the year. Many families enjoy this game as it can be so much fun. There are mixed leagues, all male leagues, all female leagues, kids leagues, and senior leagues available.

Different types of Bowling

There are several variations of pin bowling. The most common types are five-pin and ten-pin. However, there is also duckpin, candlepin, nine-pin, and target bowling.

  • Five Pin – The five-pin bowling ball is much smaller than a ten-pin bowling ball. Selecting the correct size and weight is very important. There are no finger holes in a five-pin bowling ball. There are five pins standing at the end of the lane that is your target; the lane also has certain markings to assist with aiming and knocking down the pins you have to. Each player has three balls and a goal of knocking down all five pins.
  • Ten Pin – Ten pin bowling is much more difficult and strenuous than five-pin. Ten-pin bowling balls are much heavier, baring various weights and have finger holes to aid grip. Ten-pin bowling consists of 10 larger pins, hence the larger ball is required.
  • Candlepin Bowling and Duckpin bowling are different forms of 10-pin bowling.

Target bowling consists of different surfaces of bowling and can be played outdoors.

Bowling Terminology

It is important to learn some of the terminologies of bowling. Here are some common words and meanings that would be helpful to learn.

  • Strike – This means all the pins have been knocked down with the first ball delivered.
  • Spare – This means all the pins have been knocked down with the first two balls delivered.
  • Turkey – This means three strikes in a row.
  • Foul Line – The bowler must stand behind a specified black line before releasing the ball.
  • Gutter or Channel – On both sides of the bowling lane there are depressions which guide the ball into the pit.
  • Chop-off – After the first ball is delivered only a single corner pin and the adjacent three pin are left standing.
  • Perfect Game – A perfect game is when you bowl 12 consecutive strikes.
  • Split – A split happens when both corner balls and the center ball is left standing after the first ball is delivered.

How to Attain a Strike in Bowling

Learning to bowl consecutive strikes is like hitting it big at a casino which creates an aura of excitement. Bowling a strike awards the player the highest score in that frame. Choosing the right size and weight of the ball is important. The tactic of releasing the ball can also make a big difference. It is a real skill to attain a strike.

The key to attaining a strike or consecutive strikes is delivering the ball on an angle into the pocket. If you are right handed you should aim between the one pin and the three pin. If you are left-handed you should aim between the one pin and the two pin. It is also imperative that you keep your arm straight and release the ball on the bottom of your downward swing and curving it with a bit of a spin.