For those who want to do well at bowling, it means relying on the right equipment. For most, this would be the bowling ball. Of course, bowlers can use the first house ball, which is handy, but those who take the time to find and use the right ball, often see a significant difference in their score.

Ball Weight

For those who are new to bowling, they don’t realize that balls come in different weights. Those who are into professional bowling tend to use bowling balls which weigh 16 pounds. There are many professionals, however, who prefer to go with the 15-pound weight. The general rule is said to be that the ball should be consistent with 10% of the bowler’s weight.

Another way to help determine the best weight when buying your own bowling ball is to determine the weight of the house ball which you usually use. Then, just add a pound or two to this. When doing this, you may find that a heavier ball, but that has been drilled out, will be pretty close to the feel of the house ball, but only two pounds lighter in weight.

Above all, what is essential with weight is that it should be based on how comfortable it is for the bowler to throw.

The Ball Cover

One of the most critical factors of the bowling ball is what it is covered with. This is called cover stock. It can make a big difference as to how the ball reacts to the lane it is being used on. When choosing the ball cover, there will be three common types to choose from, which are:

  • Reactive resin
  • Urethane
  • Polyester (plastic)

While the choice is going to come down to personal preference, most beginners do better with a reactive resin cover stock. The reason for this choice is because it allows for better hooking.

Shopping for the Best Bowling Ball

There are plenty of places where a person can go to buy a bowling ball. An excellent example of these are the bowling pro shops. A great alternative is to shop online, as there are plenty of sites which sell these items. Before doing so, it is undoubtedly an excellent idea to do some research about the site and their products, and similar to opening a casino account make sure to read the reviews carefully.

The Cost

The cost is going to vary depending on the weight and the cover. Reactive resin balls are more expensive as compared to plastic coverings.

Hand Fitting

If you want the best ball for you, then customizing by getting it drilled for a proper hand fit is the way to go. You will find that when you go bowling, you are going to have a better grip and more control over the ball itself. Not only does this help with increasing scores, but it can also be a safety factor, by decreasing the chance of injuries. To have the ball drilled properly, the hand has to be measured. This can be done at any one of the pro shops, and it normally is not expensive.

Getting Used to the Customized Bowling Ball

If you have been used to playing with the house balls, you may find it a little strange when you go to use your customized one which has been drilled. It won’t take long before you can make the adjustments and begin to enjoy your new bowling ball.